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Welcome to the Office of Sponsored Programs

Director’s Message

We welcome you to the home page of the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP). It will help you get acquainted with the services we provide to administrators, and students.



The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) provides special administrative support to sponsored programs and other externally funded projects.

This includes assistance in proposal submission, advise and training activities concerning processes and regulations applicable to management of grants and contracts, creation of accounts, registration of budgets, and preparation of financial reports required by the grantors or contractors. The office also helps the sponsored activities by expediting human resources transactions and payments to suppliers. OSP consists of three divisions: Sponsored Programs Development (DSPD), Financial Administration (DFA) and the Center of Administrative Resources for Scientific Research (CARSR).

Cynthia E. Aponte-Santos
Interim Director



Luz I. Martínez Méndez, Administrative Secretary


Tel. (787) 758-2525 Ext. 1749

(787) 758-2380

Roxanna Morales Sánchez Electronic System Analist


Tel. (787) 758-2525 Ext. 2294